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Dwarf conifers you'll grow to love, and love to grow

February in northern Colorado is a perfect time to take a close look at your gardens to see where extra textures and shapes would add interest, beauty and shelter for songbirds and smaller wildlife. This workshop will focus on dwarf and smaller forms of familiar conifers, as well a few you may have never heard of. From firs to pines, and you’ll discover garden-sized conifers that are truly dwarf yet hardy and adaptable to our conditions.  Learn which plants to avoid, which to fall in love with, and how to be successful with the plants you choose.



The nature of Colorado's native plant industry: unveiling the mysteries behind supply, demand and selection

If the nursery industry was like manufacturing we’d always have a good supply of the species we need; if plants were more like widgets. they’d be consistent in form and size. If our natural world was a controlled biodome, everything would grow beautifully and without losses or failures. In Colorado, however, our horticultural world is dynamic and unpredictable, making our gardening lives more “interesting,” and causing increasing challenges to our native plant industry.

In this session you’ll learn about native plant production, gain insights into demand dynamics and discover how new native plant selections come to market. What new techniques are growers using? How is consumer demand for natives changing? And why-oh-why can’t we ever get enough of the new varieties?



Conifers for Colorado landscapes & gardens

Urban tree diversity is becoming ever more critical in our local and regional landscapes which have relied on a limited tree palette. Did you know there are dozens of lesser-known yet proven species of conifers that deserve more consideration? Conifers offer year-round interest yet require little care once established. How do you choose from the wide array offered at local nurseries? This class introduces you to the diverse world of hardy conifers and reveals the secrets to their success in our local climate. From native species to exotic cultivars, we’ll discuss practical, cultural and design considerations. A morning classroom session will be followed by a walking tour and hands-on introduction to the Gardens' conifer collections. Landscape & nursery professionals are especially invited. Registration required.

Other talks and presentations available include:

These and other talks can be customized to your needs and audience. Rates for these talks start at $200-$500 for up to 2 hours, not including travel expenses. Rates for new talks are slightly higher. Here are just a few additional topics available:

   * Marketing water wise plants in a thirsty world

   * Bees, butterflies and beauty - native plant selections for pollinators and wildlife from Plant Select

   * New plant introductions for western gardeners

Private Garden Tours

Educational tours of our private gardens are available to groups of 10 or more from mid-May to mid-June, then again later in the fall. Please contact us with specific date requests. Cost is $10/person.


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